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Networking is now a recognised and essential professional skill and executives at all levels can benefit from training and development in this vital and often overlooked area. Over the past sixteen years we have built up an unrivalled wealth of networking and communications knowledge and have developed our unique Master Class programme with leading trainers and learning development professionals.

We work with everyone from senior management teams in global corporations to partners and associates in professional services firms and financial institutions. Participants consistently rate us with the highest possible feedback scores, especially for how strongly they would recommend us.

Every aspect of face-to-face networking is covered in our full-day master classes and specific techniques are taught enabling you to increase your effectiveness and gain significantly more value from all types of events and business situations.

Networking Master Class enables delegates to:


• Learn how to prepare for events and meetings

• Understand how to make a great and lasting first impression

• Understand how to construct and present information about yourself and your organisation

• Explore the different stages of networking: before, during and after

• Develop confidence in your ability to connect with people you don’t know

• Work on your voice and self-projection as well as body language

• Learn how to combat nervousness

• Learn how to start, sustain and end a conversation

• Learn best practice methodology for follow-up


To ensure effectiveness, each Master Class is limited to a small number of places.

All our Master Classes are fully CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited.

A great use of time.”

Managing Director,
global consultancy practice

Our unique approach and what is included


Every full day master class includes at least one of our senior directors, a leading specialist trainer and two or more support staff. We deploy a range of methods to ensure a vibrant and fast paced day - and it’s enjoyable too.


• Delegates practice skills in a variety of simulated situations and there are no slide presentations.

• Small group size, restricted to a maximum of 15 with a suggested minimum of 6. Full workbook provided.

• Follow up and support. We follow up with all delegates and provide ongoing advice and support.

In-house Networking Master Classes


Our in-house master classes are tailored to your specific needs and designed to reflect realistic business situations that your executives experience.


We train everyone from senior management to junior teams. The master class can be integrated into your executive development programme and can be part of an off-site event.


All our Master Classes are fully CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited

There is immense power in being able to tell a short, relevant story. Leaving a memorable positive message reinforces your Company or personal values and can help separate you from your competitors.


Effective story telling is often overlooked in business communications and our Story Telling Master Class will equip your executives with the important skills they need to enrich their presentations, pitches and day-to-day conversations with powerful and effective short stories.

Course Outline

The power of stories

What is a story?

Why you should use stories

When and where to use stories


Finding and developing your stories

Stories not case studies

Stories versus spin

Honing your stories

Using relevant stories to get a point across

Essential skills needed

Understanding the structure of a story

Using appropriate drama and tension

Using language effectively

Using body language, voice and eye contact


Performing your stories

Creating empathy

Holding your audience

Keeping stories short, in most cases to 60 seconds


Story Telling Master Class

Business Communication Skills Master Class

Mastery of communication is one of the most important skills to develop because it gets results. By developing this essential skill you will become an invaluable asset to your company, especially if you need to motivate and inspire your team members.


At our two-day master class delegates will learn to take a completely fresh approach to the way they come across. This is supported by powerful techniques that will give them the edge in all types of business communication including: meetings, presentations, phone calls and interviews.


Our business communication master class has been developed and presented in conjunction with an experienced trainer and international acting coach, who has trained some of the country’s finest actors. In this unique Master Class, delegates will learn some of the secret techniques top actors use to get their story across, hold the attention of the audience and make it all look effortless.


By attending this master class you will learn how to:

• Use inspirational language and find your authentic voice

• Make a great impression and speak with impact

• Develop your credibility, clarity and confidence

• Build a strong rapport with colleagues and customers

• Hone your message in presentations or talks

• Project confidence, presence and natural authority

• Use powerful, positive body language in a natural way

• Motivate your team members to give their best performance

• Channel your nerves and look at ease


Our business communication master classes are held at central London locations and we can also train teams at their offices.


Extremely useful…and challenging at times!”

Chairman, Europe,
Multinational Corporation

It was genuinely fascinating,  and
will be very helpful.”

Managing Partner,  venture capital firm

Networking Coaching


For executives who feel they can benefit from direct support, we provide one-to-one coaching and can develop a tailored programme to develop specific networking skills, honed to the individual. Each coaching session runs for two hours and is usually held at an off-site location. Each session results in a detailed plan of action for the executive involving clear follow up actions.


Our coaches are experienced in a variety of methodologies and deploy them to suit the executive being coached.

Leadership Coaching


Working with the best trainers, we also provide advanced leadership training. Some executives have a natural aptitude for leadership, others have to work hard to achieve it, however, anyone can be taught the basics of leadership and i will be a more effective member of their management team. Leaders understand policy, can think logically and raise questions where necessary, making sensible decisions and inspiring those around them.


A typical process starts with a briefing from the executive along with the trainer asking several questions. A written assessment is then prepared specifying the areas that need addressing.
Then, over about six sessions, the main areas of leadership are worked through; preparation, thought, communication and managing. As part of the programme, a six month follow up
session is also included.



Event Speaking

Our training team regularly run special sessions at company away-days, business kick off meetings and conferences and receptions. We can bring our unique, interactive style to your event. Call to find out more.

Mark Simon created The Chemistry Club in 1999 as a networking forum designed to meet the requirements of the rapidly growing internet start-up sector. Before The Chemistry Club, Mark founded a computer business from scratch which he developed for nine years and eventually sold in early 1999. The initial Chemistry Club event in December 1999 was held at a central London venue and brought together hi-tech financiers principally comprising venture capitalists, executives from private equity firms and entrepreneurs, the latter being founders and board members of at least seed funded internet related start-ups.


Early events were held in London then subsequently outside the UK, specifically France, Germany and Sweden. The Company’s revenues were mainly from sponsorship of key corporations and leading venture capital firms. A variety of services for the start-up community were provided by The Chemistry Club which included far-reaching training sessions for entrepreneurs on topics such as raising capital, growing an organisation and building and establishing networks. The Chemistry Club also organised industry round tables and special briefings. Advice and consultancy services were also provided.


The Chemistry Club has continually evolved over the years and now provides a host of services including technology briefings, business to business events, communication skills training, networking master classes and leadership coaching. Venture capital companies still take part at the technology forum and, while most participants are from global corporations, the Club still invites CEOs of high-growth tech companies to its events free of charge, thereby maintaining its roots.


With The Chemistry Club’s extensive knowledge of networking, its training master classes enable delegates to develop their skills in this often overlooked area.


Dynamic and [you] kept things moving – time flew by – I enjoyed it.”

Partner, Technology,
Venture Capital Firm

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